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Full Exterior Wash $19.95
Full Exterior Wash and Undercarriage $29.95
Full Service Car Wash
Vacuum floors & seats, rinse rubber mats, dust console, clean windows, dry kick plates (Vans & Trucks extra)
Complete Interior Shampoo (Vans & Trucks extra) $149.95
Fabric or Leather Protection, seat $15.00, carpet $39.95 for cars (Vans & Trucks extra) $59.95
Wheel Express (Brake dust - 4 wheels) $19.95
Carpet Mat Cleaning $6.00 each or all 4 for $19.95
Full Wax Paint Protection (estimate)
Full exterior cleanup, applied compound and buffing.
Express Wax Paint Protection (estimate)
Full exterior cleanup and quick buffing.
Quick Wax
Full exterior cleanup and quick wax spray.
Acid Wash
Full exterior cleanup, remove excess oil and rust decoloration.
Lights Buffing
Full buffing of you Head Lights cover so you can see at night again.
Engine Shampoo $39.95
Ozone and Odor Treatment
Eliminates odors in your vehicle.
Wet Look
The all included package: Full exterior wash, interior shampoo, waxing (quick wax), engine shampoo, acid wash, light buffing.
Aquapel Windshield Treatment $29.95
Nitro Fill
fill all 4 tires with nitrogen.
Scratch repair & paint buffing Free estimate

Note: Prices are subject to change without notice

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